Welcome to the Centre for Ideas, Cfi, blog page with up-to-date information on Cfi  activities at Middlesex University London.

The next Centre for Ideas event will be the Cfi Annual Conference on the 19th May 2016 at Middlesex University,London. The Keynote Speaker will be Baroness Young of Hornsey. The theme of the 2016 Cfi annual conference is Diversity.

The Centre for Ideas, Cfi, is a forward-looking ‘virtual research institute’: a flexible vehicle set up by Middlesex University to promote discussion and collaboration between its internationally recognised, in some cases world-leading scholars and leading public intellectuals, relevant professionals and policy-makers. The Centre’s programme of events focus in particular on current debates which cut across established disciplinary areas and have urgent implications beyond higher education as well as within it.

The Centre’s activities include a series of widely publicised, research-led public conferences and short-term interdisciplinary ‘think tank’ projects. Underpinned by the University’s distinctive concentration of multidisciplinary scholarship, engagement at such events between in-house researchers and the views and vision of thinkers recognised as being already influential in the public sphere explore how far broad topical questions can be illuminated by cooperation between convergent research approaches.

Events organised by Cfi are supported by the University’s Research and Knowledge Transfer Office (RKTO), and are linked to a range of forms of dissemination and follow-up. Details of two recent conferences: Fairness held in May 2013 and Water held in May 2014 can be found via their links.

The Cfi Advisory Group comprises representatives from all the Schools in the University. Further details can be found at this link About.

Cfi aims to support a number of initiatives each year that engage with the research interest of colleagues from across the University. In order to remain responsive to new approaches and initiatives there are no application forms. Informal discussions with the Director or members of the Advisory Group about proposals for cross-University events are encouraged at an early stage of their development..

Outline proposals should be no more than 2 pages in length. Activities supported by Cfi focus on topical questions and debates which have a reach beyond higher education, as well as within it. Topics should meet the following criteria: it should already have publicly-acknowledged social implications; it should be recognised as creating difficulty in more than a single discipline; and it should show promise of being illuminated by multidisciplinary dialogue by colleagues from across the University.

Topics should be relevant to the distinctive, multidisciplinary concentration of scholarship at Middlesex with a particular emphasis on University-level interaction and collaboration and engagement with the wider public sphere.

To keep up-to-date with Cfi activities simply add your email to our subscription list located in the bottom left hand corner of the Home page. And our Twitter feed located directly below.

Please visit our website at http://www.mdx.ac.uk/our-research/centres/centre-for-ideas-cfi.  

You can also join our Cfi mailing list at Subscribe here!!



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The Centre for Ideas, Cfi, is a forward-looking ‘virtual research institute’ at Middlesex University London.