Urban and Cultural Heritage – One-Day Workshop

Date: 24th September 2014

Venue: Barn 2, New Model Farm House, Hendon Campus

Time: 9.30am – 5pm

Event type: Internal (Limited Availability)


Proposed research group: Urban and Cultural Heritage

This outline proposal addresses the theme of Urban and Cultural Heritage – a naturally cross-disciplinary field. For our purposes we take UNESCO’s definition to include monuments, buildings and sites as well as intangible cultural heritage[1]. The aim is to develop cross-University collaboration and inter-disciplinary research leading to a distinctive profile for ongoing cultural heritage research at Middlesex. Expertise and interest in Cultural Heritage, especially in an urban context, is evident across all Schools – in Business, Law, Art and Design, Media, Health, Education, Computer Science, and in KT activity (e.g. Redloop, RAF Museum; MODA).

Funding Opportunities

The theme of Urban/Cultural Heritage is a priority for various funders, notably the European Union (HORIZON 2020 Cultural Heritage and European Identities; European research infrastructures for restoration and conservation of cultural heritage; Creative Europe); the Arts and Humanities Research Council; Science and Heritage programme (AHRC/EPSRC); and the Council of Europe (e.g. Intercultural City; Cultural Routes), as well as UK bodies (e.g. English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund).

In addition the Future Cities Catapult and other TSB funding programmes aims ‘to develop solutions to the future needs of our cities’, and has an open invitation to propose ‘Big Ideas’ which transform urban living through people-centred technology solutions. Projects can also make use of other TSB funding – for example the forthcoming call on ‘Innovation in location-based services’ – to deliver projects for the benefit of urban dwellers.

[1]                                                                     UNESCO Convention (1972) – monuments: architectural works, works of monumental sculpture and painting, elements or structures of an archaeological nature, inscriptions, cave dwellings and combinations of features, which are of outstanding universal value from the point of view of history, art or science; groups of buildings: groups of separate or connected buildings which, because of their architecture, their homogeneity or their place in the landscape, are of outstanding universal value from the point of view of history, art or science; sites: works of man or the combined works of nature and man, and areas including archaeological sites which are of outstanding universal value from the historical, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological point of view; intangible cultural heritage: traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants, such as oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts (www.unesco.org/culture/ich/index.php?lg=en&pg=00002).

This Intensive workshop hopes to refine research topics and themes. Attendees must submit in advance an expression of interest of 400 words and 3 key outputs/publications/media/evidence to be pre-circulated and discussion groups preselected. The day will consist of iterative sessions to develop key research questions, topics, sub-themes and priorities, and help to formalise Middlesex’s distinctive profile in this field.

Please submit your expression of interest of 400 words and 3 key outputs/publications/media/evidence to Mita Vaghji E: m.vaghji@mdx.ac.uk


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