Cfi Mission Statement

The Centre for Ideas Cfi aims to establish an inclusive ‘research and debate’ dynamic in order to foster new synergies, both within and beyond the University, and support the emergence of new research groups cutting across established disciplinary boundaries, shaping the research agendas of an emergent generation of researchers, at Middlesex University and beyond, who are better equipped to tackle changing social questions, challenges and priorities.

Cfi aims to emphasise the commitment to a distinctive, multidisciplinary concentration of scholarship at Middlesex with a particular emphasis on University-level interaction and collaboration and engagement with the wider public sphere. Cfi also seeks to associate that research commitment in practical ways with wider public debate. Events supported by Cfi aim to demonstrate that many topical questions can be illuminated by cooperation between the different but convergent research approaches from across the University and external stakeholders.

The annual programme of events supported by Cfi includes:
A conference on themes which invite exploration from different disciplinary perspectives by internal and external participants over a period of 2 – 3 days.

Previous conference topics include ‘Fairness’ May 2013 and ‘Water’ May 2014.

Seminars, symposia, workshops and debates to explore new synergies, both within and outside the University.


The Centre for Ideas, Cfi, is a forward-looking ‘virtual research institute’ at Middlesex University London.

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