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Fairness Conference 2013

Middlesex experts debated the issue of ‘fairness’

21-23 May 2013

18 April 2013

Talented thinkers, researchers and academics from across disciplines at Middlesex joined keynote speakers including John Redwood MP, Bianca Jagger and honorary Middlesex graduate Will Hutton to debate and discuss the topic of fairness on the 21st May 2013..

The then current climate of economic and political strife across Europe made the need for fairness in society more pressing than ever. But is our society fair? This unique interdisciplinary conference provided an eclectic range of responses to this question, unpicking the notion of what is fair in society, and how it impacts individuals, businesses and countries. Fairness in politics, our human rights, how fairness affects creative industries, heath care and the environment was amongst the topics on the agenda.

Middlesex thought leaders across the arts, human rights law, healthcare, social sciences and many more academic areas either chaired or delivered sessions.

The conference was free and aimed at anyone with an interest in society today – from public sector managers, academics and business leaders to the general public.